Tooth Extractions

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

Losing a tooth is not a small matter. Decay, fractures, periodontal disease or other factors may come into play making it necessary to remove a tooth. At Les Belles NYC, we take measures to ensure that extractions are pain free. We want to ensure the anticipated fear of pain during the extraction does not cause you to avoid addressing the issue. Our dentists administer anesthesia to the area to numb the nerves of the tooth and the surrounding tissues thoroughly before this general dental procedure begins.

Your comfort and wellbeing are our top priority and we want your experience at Les Belles NYC to be a pleasant one. We make every effort to see to it that you are comfortable and at ease through every phase of the process.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, the last teeth to erupt, usually appear in the late teens or early twenties. These final molars are notorious for causing discomfort and pain as they come in and it is not unusual for them to push on adjacent teeth causing them to grow in sideways or crooked. We do not automatically remove wisdom teeth unless there is cause to do so. If your wisdom teeth are causing discomfort or harvesting bacteria, removal should be considered.

Removal of wisdom teeth is a delicate procedure because of their proximity to the nerves which supply feeling to the lips, cheeks and tongue. The dentists at Les Belles NYC will ensure that your wisdom teeth are carefully removed. While you will feel pressure as the teeth are loosened and removed, the area will be numbed so the procedure will be painless.

When it is necessary to remove a tooth for your dental health, the dentists at Les Belles NYC keep your comfort in mind. We provide a relaxing atmosphere that includes natural aromatherapy oils to help you feel relaxed and at ease.


  • Aaron E.

    Very friendly staff - no wait time at all; Dr. Huang was very friendly and informative, walking me through everything in layman' s terms. Lastly, office is centrally located, right next to Grand Central Station and very accommodating in terms of available hours.

  • Maya K.

    (Verified Patient)

    The most pleasant dentist visit i have had to date. Short wait times, super friendly staff, pleasant and clean looking office overall. Dr Huang sat down and thoroughly examined my teeth and explained my xrays and any questions i had. Cleaning was thorough and painless(have never been able to tolerate the cleanings before). Overall great dentist experience. Definetely recommend to everyone and anyone.

  • Jacklyn F.

    (Verified Patient)

    My visit to Dr. Huang's office could not have gone smoother! She and the entire staff are incredibly friendly. She really does care about her patients - she took the time to explain my xrays to me, giving me care tips and warnings along the way. Most dentists scrape your teeth until they bleed and then herd you out the door. Also, they're open on Sundays which is a HUGE win for those of us with demanding jobs.

  • Andrea F.

    (Verified Patient)

    I waited less than 5 minutes to be seen by Dr. Huang which never happens. She was really nice, thorough in her examination, and made me feel really comfortable. She was able to answer all of my questions and addressed a problem I was having that was never previously acknowledged by my former dentists.