Lasers in dentistry allow for many dental procedures to be performed pain-free and with fewer appointments. All lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light. The surgical and dental procedures performed with dental lasers are minimally invasive and preferable to conventional surgery.


Benefits of laser dentistry over traditional methods include:

  1.       Little or no need for anesthetic, in most cases
  2.       Reduced heat, vibration and pressure (the main cause of pain associated with dental drills)
  3.       Less postoperative complications
  4.       Little to no bleeding
  5.       Reduced postoperative pain and swelling


Some of the dental treatment provided by lasers are as follows:

  1.      Reshape gum tissue to reduce “Gummy Smile”
  2.       Biopsy or remove soft tissue lesions and ulcers
  3.       Laser Periodontal Treatment (pocket reduction without cutting the gum)
  4.       Crown Lengthening without cutting the gum with a scapel
  5.       Troughing Around Teeth for Crown and Bridge Impressions
  6.       Exposing implants without cutting the gum
  7.       Smile Enhancement
  8.       Frenum Release (Frenectomy)
  9.       Correct Ankyloglossia (tongue-tied)


  • Aaron E.

    Very friendly staff - no wait time at all; Dr. Huang was very friendly and informative, walking me through everything in layman' s terms. Lastly, office is centrally located, right next to Grand Central Station and very accommodating in terms of available hours.

  • Maya K.

    (Verified Patient)

    The most pleasant dentist visit i have had to date. Short wait times, super friendly staff, pleasant and clean looking office overall. Dr Huang sat down and thoroughly examined my teeth and explained my xrays and any questions i had. Cleaning was thorough and painless(have never been able to tolerate the cleanings before). Overall great dentist experience. Definetely recommend to everyone and anyone.

  • Jacklyn F.

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    My visit to Dr. Huang's office could not have gone smoother! She and the entire staff are incredibly friendly. She really does care about her patients - she took the time to explain my xrays to me, giving me care tips and warnings along the way. Most dentists scrape your teeth until they bleed and then herd you out the door. Also, they're open on Sundays which is a HUGE win for those of us with demanding jobs.

  • Andrea F.

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    I waited less than 5 minutes to be seen by Dr. Huang which never happens. She was really nice, thorough in her examination, and made me feel really comfortable. She was able to answer all of my questions and addressed a problem I was having that was never previously acknowledged by my former dentists.